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March 2014

Since the event at Playas, NM is no longer happening, we are planning on joining a few sailers on Delamar Dry Lake, which is north of Las Vegas. It sounds like a low key event similar to Playas, and is scheduled to take place over Memorial Day weekend. There is more info on the NALSA Events page.

I've decided to offer a classified ad service for those looking to sell equipment. Check here for details and ads.

Check out the section on Sailing Instructions and Tips. Basic sailing to advanced techniques. Be sure to read all sections..

Ever wondered how to have a campfire, and the ability to cook over it as well? The tub from a washing machine makes a wonderful firepit, and with a few modifications it can be used almost anywhere. We use this setup for all our campfire/cooking needs.

Email me if you have any questions.


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