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Landsailing Nevada, Wyoming and Utah

There are no sailable dry lakes in Colorado, so we sail in Nevada, Wyoming, and will be heading to Utah next spring.

We have sailed Delamar Dry Lake, Lunar Lake, and Smith Creek in Nevada. Each one has its own "personality".

In Wyoming we found a small dry lake we nicknamed "Wahu". Instead of being a wide open dry lake, it has vegetation scattered throughout. This makes it a little more challengning to sail, but it's a blast.

Take some time to look through the picture galleries and youtube videos.

Kathy and I met at a kite festival, when we decided to get married we had our wedding on a dry lake near Playas, NM.

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Check out our wedding at Playas, NM 2012.

Check out the new section on Sailing Instructions and Tips. Basic sailing to advanced techniques. Be sure to read all sections.

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Wahu, Wyoming 2012

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