Sailing Instructions

Rigging up and picking a place to sail

A few more tips about rigging and where to park or camp from your sailing area.

If at all possible, the best place to camp or park when sailing is upwind of the area you will be sailing. The reason for this is that you will then be sailing back into camp going against the wind, which will naturally bring you to a stop. If you are camped on the downwind side, you will be sailing with the wind, which will require a turn upwind to stop. All of this will make more sense after you read the next section.

A windsock or flag at camp will give you a visual indicator of wind speed and direction. If you park upwind of your sailing area you will be able to look at the flag to see what is coming your way.

After you assemble your rig, and before you stand it upright, put your helmet on! If there is any wind, the boom will swing back and forth and may hit you in the head. I actually had a boom break the jaw guard off a motocross helmet; if I had not had it on I'm sure it would have broken my jaw or at least knocked some teeth loose. That's why I always wear a full face helmet.

When you stand the rig upright, make sure you have the front end pointed into the wind, so that the sail is over the seat. If you point it across or downwind it can take off without you. Once you stand it up, do not let go! If you need to step away from your rig, lay it on its side with the mast pointed downwind.

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